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# 5: Auth0 campaign, LinkedIn ad and post formats, and a great explainer video

Hey, how was your month?

Mine looked like this:

  • Did a lot of foundational work: ICP, Buyer persona, + OKR planning. If you haven't looked into this in a while -> Do it. Clears things up sooo much.

  • Was a guest on Scaling DevTools podcast. Not out yet, but had a great time chatting about devmar. Thanks, Jack!

  • Got pretty decent at catching my daughter falling as she has started to stand next to things.

  • Forgot it was already July and sent out the newsletter a week late. Sorry :(

Here are my insights this month.

10 developer marketing insights

1. Make login our problem. Not yours.

This is a beautiful messaging of Auth0 solution.

LoginSimple explanation of what it does/gives you.

Simplified of course.

Our problem. Not yours.You "outsource" this boring but important problem to someone else.

It also has a feel of SaaS in there. They will take care of it. ‍

2. "Make DevOps cry in 5 words or less

Great Linkedin (or Twitter) post format.

This is one of those cool self-selecting mechanism as well.

You attract devs who identify with your ideal developer persona.

Who get their problems.

Love it.

3. Linkedin ad format from Algolia

Great Ad creative that most B2B companies could test.Connects:

  • Trust: G2 review and links to G2, not their site

  • Value/Benefit: Clearly explained benefits of using the tool

  • Voice of Customer: it is explained in the way the users talk

Great stuff.

4. Cypress CTA

You go straight for the install/download.

I don't know if you can go more developer-focused than that.

It sets the tone for the entire homepage.

And let's be honest (almost) nobody actually clicks that "Sign up" button in the hero section. That is a dev-focused CTA.

5. Aporia post format

Nice post format.

I like it for dev tools that have both API and UI components.

You show code and what it produces in one view.You can add additional things to the vis part of it for more context.

6. ClearML reddit ad format

Code-style ad format on Reddit.

Code can speak louder than words (sometimes).

It makes your value prop real and concrete to the right audience.

7. 140 developer newsletters you can sponsor

List of developer-focused newsletters. It involves:

  • Description/audience of the newsletter

  • Audience size

  • Sponsorship packages if available

8. How to market to developers — according to a CTO


  • Understand what you are talking about or you will lose me

  • Solve my current burning problems and I will buy

  • I will ask my friend CTOs Senior Engineers anyway

9. Streamlit explainer

Streamlit has an amazing explainer.

They show how to go from:

  • Writing your first line of code

  • To creating data dashboard

  • To deploying it across the web

In 42 seconds.

No audio, just code and a simplified result window.

10. VS page format

Vs pages are a classic SaaS marketing.

But I like how Ably adjusts them to the developer audience:

  • For each criterion, they say why it matters

  • They link to their resources to extend further why Ably works great there

  • They use a lot of developer jargon to make it feel like a dev wrote it for devs

  • They go over a lot of different categories to make this comparison deep enough to be valuable for the buyer

1 Pear Fact 🍐

Probably the rarest pear is the Plymouth pear.

You can find it in the city of Plymouth in Devon, UK (hence the name). But also in Spain, France, and Portugal.

Ok, that is it for now, thanks for reading!

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Any developer marketing stuff you’d like to talk about?

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What is with that pear? Why Developer Markepear?

Ok, developer advocates are avocados.Developer marketers are somewhat similar but different.How about we get our own fruit for the dev marketing community.


We deserve the same amount of respect and fruit references.Go pears!


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