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# 4: Tools for Twitter, books, website conversion ideas

Hey, how was your month?

Mine looked like this:

  • took long vacation 

  • went to Spain with my fam

  • had a lot of tapas and wine

  • did some reading, listening, thinking 

  • did almost zero work

Here are my insights this month. 

10 developer marketing insights

1. Social media marketing to developersFound really nice resources on this:

2. New Dev Marketing podcast "Scaling DevTools"

Short episodes, filled with real-life stories. Good stuff. Listen to it on SpotifyBTWI've added it to my Developer Marketing playlist

3. Superfans

A book on building communities. Surprisingly actionable imho.

Must read for community builders. . Check out the book. 

4. Twemex

Free chrome extension that lets you see peoples' best tweets while using Twitter. Helps to find content formats/templates that work.  

5. Loved

It's a product marketing book focused on tech products. 

Haven't read it yet but saw that the author wrote "Inspired" and bought it right away.  

6. Followerwonk

A tool for finding Twitter accounts by keywords, follower counts etc. Helps to find influencers in your niche. 

7. Tutorial interfaces

Solid blog post showing different approaches dev-focused companies take to give users a great tutorial experience. 

8. Best Developer experience thread

Twitter thread on dev-focused companies with great developer experience. 

9. Star on GitHub in navbar

For open-source projects, GitHub stars are super important.

Supabase adds the CTA to star their GitHub repo right next to the Login/Signup buttons.

I love this. 

10. Hero section 

A great example of a developer-focused Hero section from


  • What you do (+ not afraid to call the competitor)

  • Filled with "keywords" that their ICP understands

  • CTA to either use right now or see the docs

1 Pear Fact 🍐

The smallest pears in the world are Seckel Sugar Pears.They are super sweet and can be as small as 2 centimeters in diameter. 

Ok, that is it for now, thanks for reading!

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Any developer marketing stuff you’d like to talk about?

I am here. 



What is with that pear? Why Developer Markepear?

Ok, developer advocates are avocados.Developer marketers are somewhat similar but different.How about we get our own fruit for the dev marketing community.


We deserve the same amount of respect and fruit references.Go pears!


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