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  • # 3: Supabase Twitter account, good tweet format, viral diagrams

# 3: Supabase Twitter account, good tweet format, viral diagrams

Hey, how was your month?

On my side, I am:

  • (re)learning socials,

  • getting deeper into demand generation,

  • celebrating startup milestones (we raised a Series A #yay).

Here are my insights this month.

10 developer marketing insights

1. Learn social media from Supabase Twitter

Supabase has 28k followers and 100+ engagements on their tweets. On a regular Tuesday.

I don't know if there is any company account that does that well.

I wanted to learn how and so I went through 4 months of their Twitter feed.

TLDR of what I learned:

  • they understand their audience and craft memes and jokes for that audience

  • they talk in dev jargon

  • they make sure their tweets pop in the feed (even if it's the enterprise plan promotion)

2. Awesome tweet thread format. Hook + validation + here is more

Saw this tweet recently and loved the flow of it:

  • Hook me with a story. To the point. Developer speak.

  • Validate with the middle part. Showing that there will be value.

  • Push to the next tweet.

3. Diagrams "smell" off value. And people share them.

Saw this workflow/tools tack diagram the other day.Couldn't understand what is so great about it as it is hard to read, low quality etc. But so many people shared/liked it. Why?

It smells like value.

People want to feel smart and helpful to their tribe and so they share it.

My bet is less than 2% of people follow this diagram to understand if it is right.

They share it though, cause it feels like something their network will like.

4. .. 10. Ask your users for insights (gotcha)

I am a big believer in asking users for feedback.

"But most devs will not respond"

Sure, but some will and the things they will say will be worth it.

It's one of the most powerful marketing tactics out there.

Especially early when all your A/B tests are far from stat significance.

For example, right now, I am thinking about where to take this newsletter.

Would you want me to:

  • do 10 insights, or just 3, or 1

  • go super deep on 1 or just give you 10 quick tips and links

  • do it weekly, biweekly or monthly

  • talk more about strategy, tactics, or just examples

Or more generally:

  • What would you like to read about on the blog and in the newsletter?

  • What format of the newsletter do you like the most?

  • Where do you consume work-related content online (somewhat actively)?

Answer one of those questions and I will love you forever.

Answer all of them and I owe you big time.

1 Pear Fact

The heaviest pear ever weighed almost 3kg and came from Japan. It was an Atago pear. Wanna grow it?Probably easier than a dev tool startup anyway :)

Ok, that is it for now, thanks for reading!

Quick Reminder: If you want to make sure you keep getting the newsletter please do reply or add to your address book.

Any developer marketing stuff you’d like to talk about?

I am here.



What is with that pear? Why Developer Markepear?

Ok, developer advocates are avocados.Developer marketers are somewhat similar but different.How about we get our own fruit for the dev marketing community.


We deserve the same amount of respect and fruit references.Go pears!


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