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Developer Marketing Examples are live on Product Hunt


So as I mentioned this Saturday…


Developer Marketing Examples are now live on Product Hunt 🥳 !

And I would love to see you in the comments section.

Let’s go 💪 

btw, here is a back story of that project 👇️ 

Whenever I'd start a new marketing project I found myself going over a list of 20+ companies I believed could have done something well to “copy-paste” their approach as a baseline.

Think Tailscale , DigitalOcean , Vercel , Algolia , CircleCI, Supabase, PostHog, Auth0.

So past year and a half, I’ve been screenshoting good examples of how good dev tool companies do things like:

• pricing,

• landing page design,

• ads,

• videos,

• blog conversion,

• and more.

And for each example, I added a note as to why I thought it was good.

If you follow me here you know what they look like already.

But you might have not known about the library part of it.

Now you do ;)

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