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  • 🍐#61: Product Hunt launch playbook, great community section, and a powerful newsletter ad

🍐#61: Product Hunt launch playbook, great community section, and a powerful newsletter ad


What Brazilian pear-shaped 🍐 dish did I make this week? Coxinha. Yes, I did!

This week on the agenda:

  • Product Hunt launch playbook

  • Great community section from Modal

  • Trieve newsletter sponsorship ad in casidoo newsletter

  • + a few bonus links at the end

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Developer marketing insights

1. Product Hunt launch playbook

Matteo Titarelli is a growth advisor specializing in early-stage companies. And recently he shared a playbook he uses for PH launches.

The entire thing is available (for free) as a Reforge Artifact and following it helped Matteo get 3 different tools to the #1 of the day/week on PH.

It is all nicely organized and very tactical. Filled with templates and examples like this:

Super valuable stuff. Highly recommended.

2. Trieve newsletter sponsorship ad

Awesome sponsorship ad from Trieve in the Cassidy Williams newsletter.

Not sure who wrote it but it must have been a dev ;) It is just so refreshingly to the point.

💚 What I like:

  • "What is it": A product description gives you no fluff "what it is". Feels like something from "Hacker News launch" almost.

  • "What it compares to" | "Why should I care": They compare vs a well-known dev tool in the space. And this is great, helps the dev anchor with something they know. Helps them understand why this could be valuable. They even give you a life app where you can see for yourself.

  • "How can I test it for myself": They offer free credits to play with in a cloud version.

This ad does it so gracefully and quickly it is just hard not to love.


3. Community section from Modal

The main message you want to land on your homepage community section is:

"We have a big community of devs who love using the product"

🚧 That helps you tackle obstacles your dev reader has:

  • "is this tool any good"  

  • "do real companies use it in production"

  • "are there people who can help me when I hit roadblocks"

  • "where would I find others using the tool when I have questions"

💚 Modal solves it beautifully by going simple but smart:

  • Join our community header and a call to action to join Slack makes it obvious where users are

  • Wall of love style testimonials give a feel that there are so many users and they love it enough to share that with others

  • They all look like Tweets even though (I presume) some of them aren't. That is a nice trick to boost social proof. People give more value to social post testimonials.

  • They show a face, name, role, and company which builds trust and makes it obvious those are other devs (like me)

It lands the message that this section should land for sure. I really like it.

Need more developer marketing insights?

1. Work with me 🍐

Every week I have a few slots for:

  • Workshops: Whatever you can squeeze in 60 minutes.

    We can talk strategy/tactics, do brainstorms/live roasts, or debug your challenges together.

  • Teardowns: I run a ~90min audit of your homepage/messaging/blog/ads/socials. And send you a ~30min video with my thoughts/suggestions and the audit doc.

  • Advising: Weekly/biweekly coaching sessions and/or async work like reviews, audits, research, or planning.

2. Join our Slack community

1500+ dev tool CMOs, heads of growth, product marketers, and other practitioners talking about things like this:

3. Bonus links to check out

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