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  • 🍐 #41 Big list of dev influencers, devy blog design, and a CTA that will make you chuckle

🍐 #41 Big list of dev influencers, devy blog design, and a CTA that will make you chuckle


The Guinness World Record for the longest line of pies was broken in 2021 with 2209 pies made from pears 🍐. Yeah, I know.

This week on the agenda:

  • Funny CTA from Posthog

  • Devy blog design from Bun

  • A big list of developer influencers

  • + a few bonus links at the end

Let’s go!

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Developer marketing insights

1. A big list of developer content creators and influencers

Folks from crowd.dev put together this amazing resource.

It has:

  • 240 developer influencers/creators

  • Topic tags like “machine learning”, “devops”, and “frontend” to filter the list

  • Follower count and estimated reach for Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, and personal blogs

  • + links to their socials and emails to reach them

Yeah, so next time you’ll be looking for dev influencers, you should probably start here.

2. Devy blog design from Bun

This is one of the more devy blog designs I've seen in a while.

It has this docs-like feel.

But is just a bit more fun and loose than most docs would allow.

Here is what I like (you can see it live here btw):

  • smells like there could be value with code all over the place

  • shows visuals taken from another devy channel, Twitter

  • hints at social proof through Twitter engagement

And if your posts are code-heavy, then a docs-like experience is where you want to be anyway.

But you can spice it up with things that wouldn't fit the docs.

Like a Twitter embed or a meme.

3. Super funny CTA from PostHog

Beautiful mockery of classic conversion tactics from PostHog website.

So what do we have here:

  • "3 people would have..."

  • "Not endorsed by Kim K"

  • "Eco-Friendly"

  • "$0 FREE"

  • ">1 left at this price"

  • "Act now and get $0 off your first order"

I have to admit I chuckled ;)

And I bet many devs who don't think of marketing very highly chucked too.

That builds rapport. (hopefully) makes you one of the tribe rather than another faceless corpo.

BTW, they used it as a bottom of the homepage call to action.

I like it.

Most of the people who scrolled there are not going to buy anyway.

But they may share the website with someone who will.

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3. Bonus links to check out

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