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  • 🍐 #36: Building a developer blog, showing "how it works", and a basic Reddit ad that crushed it

🍐 #36: Building a developer blog, showing "how it works", and a basic Reddit ad that crushed it


So last week I sent you a newsletter with the wrong subject. Sincerely and utterly peardon 🍐.

This week on the agenda:

  • Building a developer blog (with yours truly)

  • Showing “how it works” as a timeline

  • A “basic” Reddit ad that crushed it

  • + a few bonus links at the end

Let’s go!

Developer marketing insights

1. Building a developer blog

Recently sat down with Jonathan from crowd.dev to talk about building developer blogs.

Shared some learnings around:

  • reviewing and editing articles

  • picking good topics

  • and finding writers

+ a few other thoughts on marketing to devs.

I thought it was actually a pretty solid convo ;)

2. “How it works” as a timeline from SST

I like this idea of showing how your dev tool works.

With developers, you almost have to explain how it works on your homepage.

Many products do some version of Step 1 -> Step 2 -> Step 3 -> Success.

I really like how SST approached it with a timeline.

I find it more engaging than those disconnected steps.

And when I follow this journey the final and logical step is to try it out. Get started.

3. “Basic” Reddit Ad from Kubero

How did this super basic ad get so much engagement on Reddit?

First of all, the value prop is succinct, to the point, and says what it is.

No "streamlining", "boosting", or "democratizing" is involved.
No clever tagline or pains, benefits, or values just says what it is.

But it said what it is: a "free and open-source" which is what many devs, especially on Reddit want to hear.

And Heroku is a known brand so if you know what Heroku does, you know what Kubero does.

I liked that they linked out to the GitHub project too.

Not 100% sure if that would perform better than a landing page or home. But I see how it feels more in sync with the channel you are running your ads on.

The screenshot? I don't like it but perhaps it doesn't matter as much here?

What do you think?

Oh, and if you read the comments, you'll see that people actually talked about the project, said that they liked the ad etc.

Good stuff.

How can I make this better?

I hope you learned something new. Did you, though?

What would you like to read more about?
Reply to this and let me know.

Talk to you next week,

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