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🍐#22: Product marketing insights, usage based pricing trick, and article header design


We are entering this chilled-out, summer pear-iod and I have a little less energy than usual.

This week I:

  • Visited a winery as a part of a work retreat. Polish wine is not that bad actually.

  • Made Brazilian cheese breads (PΓ£o de Queijo). It is my favorite coffee snack btw.

Here are my insights this week.

Developer marketing insights

1. "People don't care about features!" or do they?

Anthony Pierri is a product marketing expert who focuses on early-stage startups. His content (and diagrams) is πŸ”₯.

TLDR is this:

  • In top-down sales-led motions, you talk to executives. They care about ROI, benefits, and the β€œWHY”.

  • In bottom-up product-led motions, you (mostly) talk to users. They care about features, differentiation, and the β€œWHAT”.

  • Now, when talking about features, focus on those features that differentiate you, not the ones that everyone has.

2. Usage-based pricing with a cap from Appsmith

Usage-based pricing is loved by devs. But has its own problems.

Ok, so first what are those problems?

Value metric:

  • users don't understand your value metric

  • even when they do, they cannot map it to their usage patterns.

Predictability and procurement:

  • it is easier to predict the headcount than the usage

  • per user pricing is obvious, everyone across the org understands it

But devs love usage-based pricing:

  • it is "fair", you pay for what you use

  • you can scale up/down as you need

It is great for a dev tool company:

  • you align user adoption, the value created, and monetization

  • as org-wide usage so does the invoice

But pulling it off is not as easy as you may think.

Choosing that value metric, packaging it, and presenting it is a struggle.

I like what Appsmith chose to do.

They solved it in the following way:

  • give people an option to go with a usage-based pricing

  • but cap a per-user cost at $X a month

  • it guarantees a better deal than a flat per-user pricing

  • but gives you the predictability of a per-user pricing

Very interesting approach.

3. Article header from Teleport

There are a few developer experience gems here:

  • RSS feed: many devs love rss, let them consume your blog that way

  • Search: some devs will immediately know this article is not for them. Let them search and stay.

  • Clear branding: Some devs will read the article and leave. Make sure they at least remember your brand.

Also, their design is super clean, non-invasive, and simple which makes for easy content consumption and more developer love.

How can I make this better?

I hope you learned something new. Did you, though?

What would you like to read more about?
Reply to this and let me know.

Talk to you next week,

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